At Grow Family Acupuncture we specialize in working with women throughout their pregnancies. Whether you are looking to become pregnant or you already are, we want you to feel supported and cared for throughout this profound and transformative process. We strive to not only keep keep you and baby healthy, but also to deepen your trust in your body’s ability to give birth so you can have the best possible birth experience.

Credit:  Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

In each stage of pregnancy we tailor our focus to optimize health and minimize discomfort. In the first trimester, acupuncture can ease nausea and morning sickness and soothe the emotional ups and downs that are common during this time. During the second and third trimesters we work with many common complaints and discomforts such as carpal tunnel, congestion, edema, heartburn, constipation, round ligament pain, low back pain, hip pain, and sciatica. In the last weeks of pregnancy, we focus on strengthening and preparing the mother for birth. Women who receive regular acupuncture at the end of pregnancy rarely need to be induced and often report smooth and fast labors.

After the baby is born, we offer home visits for the first 8 weeks postpartum. This way mom can receive care without having to leave the house. These treatments focus on helping the body recover from birth, releasing any birth trauma, regulating the emotions, and supporting breastfeeding. Baby can get his or her first shonishin (meridian massage) treatment too!